I haven't received my order!

Don't worry, your package will arrive! Shipments may be delayed due to customs inspections or holidays. International shipments (including U.S.) can take anywhere between 3-6 weeks.

For peace of mind, if you live outside the U.S. and Canada and are interested in tracking, message me for a quote :)



Please message me if your posters were damaged during transit!!


My order tracking says 'delivered' but I didn't receive it.

Please check with your local carrier or neighbours, they may have kept the package with them if no one was home to receive it. If you still cannot locate the package, please message me!


I put down the wrong address!

Sorry I am not responsible for incorrect addresses. Please contact the nearest post office to the address you provided, they may hold lost packages.

Your postal service may attempt to return the item back to me.

If the package is returned to me because of an incorrect address provided, I will refund the cost of the item, but not shipping or return fee. (It may take up to a few months for the package to return to me.)

If the package is lost due to an incorrect address provided, no refund will be made.


My order was sent back to you

If your order was undeliverable due to an incorrect address, please see my answer above on wrong addresses.

If your order was undeliverable and held at a pick-up point, but wasn't claimed and then sent back to me, I can resend your order but you will need to cover shipping costs.

If I never receive the return, it is likely lost on the return back and I cannot offer a refund. It is the customer's responsibility to claim their packages in a timely manner.


How does international shipping work?

I'm based in Canada, and I ship through a 3rd party company called Chit Chats. To provide lower postage costs, Chit Chats expedites all international orders directly to the U.S., which then gets redirected to the destination country. Once the shipment reaches the final destination, it is handed over to the country's local carrier who handles the final delivery.


Do you offer tracked shipping?

All US orders INCLUDE tracking (EXCEPT stickers + postcards) 

All Canadian orders INCLUDE tracking (EXCEPT stickers, postcards and 9x12 inch posters. Please contact me for tracked shipping quote) 

International orders do not include tracking info. Please contact me for tracked shipping quote.

I got an e-mail notifying my order shipped, but my tracking shows no movement :(

If you receive an e-mail saying your order shipped, it's because I've physically given it to the carrier. BUT the post office will not necessarily scan the item that day. Scans are also delayed if there is heavy traffic.

Sometimes orders can sit in the warehouse for days before it is scanned and forwarded to its final destination.

Please be patient if you don't see any tracking movement immediately, the postal service is likely sifting through a mountain of parcels to ship off :)


My item is a gift, will I be able to avoid customs fees? 

I'm legally required to declare the order amount to countries outside of U.S. and Canada. Sending an item as a gift does not mean I supply gift wrapping, nor that I can mark an item as a gift for customs purposes.